Welcome to CYBERSPACE…

As I’m sitting here, writing my first BLOG ENTRY (welcome to cyberspace!)… I’m waiting here – with one ear glued to the door – listening for the familiar sounds of my 2 sons yelling “MOMMY!” from their bedrooms – a nice reminder that nap time, for the day, is indeed over.

So far, I hear nothing.

And still… as I’m sitting here, writing my first BLOG ENTRY (again, welcome to cyberspace)… I’m feeling the little kicks of Benjamin – due April 12th – in my belly, letting me know that he did – indeed – love the hot chocolate I just scarfed down!

Another day in the life of a Mom… not that I need to tell any other moms out there what it’s like, right!?

But this is very cool… to be here… writing… and knowing that in a matter of minutes my blog entry will be out there in the world for all to read… yes, this is very very cool.

And as I looked at all the other blogs out there… I began to wonder what I could possibly offer this “cyberworld of blogs” that would be different… that would stand out… that would make this something worth the reading of strangers. All I could come up with was something that I know very well… I know how to be a mom… mostly to boys, I will admit… I am still, as of today Jan. 23rd, 2007, girl-less (is that even a word?)… and I also know what it’s like to be a mother in the midst of starting a company – from the ground up… and the daily grind of “trying to make it all work”… and “trying to balance it all out”… which, as all of us mothers know is a never ending battle. I, for one, have never even tried to one up the other… what gets done in a day gets done – so I’ve been told by my own mother! 🙂

And so… I introduce my BLOG to the world… a Rhode Island mother of 2 boys… with another on the way… married to the man of my dreams… starting a company, Pinks & Blues… and knowing that I know some stuff out there that is worth sharing… after all, isn’t that what it’s all about!?

So sit back and enjoy…


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